But is it art?

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Saturday 19 November, 3pm
Gala Theatre
Venues have limited capacity - please arrive early to avoid disappointment

In a world where works by contemporary visual artists command huge prices, we debate whether public art - displayed free to the public - can ever really be considered great.  Do we only really value work produced by artists who can sell their work in the salerooms, or is ephemeral or performance-based work just as important? Can work that is popular and even populist even be considered art at all?

Sarah Weir, who leads the conversation, was responsible for commissioning public art in the Olympic Park. Guest speakers include Angus Farquhar of Edinburgh-based NVA, John Fox of Welfare State International, curators Andrea Schlieker, of the Folkestone Triennial, and Mario Caeiro of Luzboa, Lisbon's International Light Festival and curator of the Lux Scientia strand at LUMIERE.

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