29. Spirit

Compagnie Carabosse (France)
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Location Number: 29
at The Cathedral nave, cloister and the College gardens


Fire alchemists Compagnie Carabosse will use scrap metal, charcoal, and even cast-off clothing to create a magical fire garden on a huge scale in and around the Cathedral itself. Carabosse are one of France's most important street arts groups, transforming streets and parks into flickering artworks that remind us of the most basic and elemental human need. 

Carabosse have performed all over the world, delighting thousands of visitors from Edinburgh to Brighton with installations that inspire awe and reverence in equal measure.   But for LUMIERE they're doing something truly audacious: creating a huge new piece which will be situated not only in the College gardens and the medieval cloisters, but also inside Durham's ancient Cathedral itself, filling the building with candle-light and leading the audience on an illuminated trail that evokes the journeys taken by pilgrims hundreds of years ago.

The installation will be created gradually each night from around 7pm until 10pm

See more of Carabosse's work here.

Sponsored by Hargreaves.

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  • La Rose performed at the Milton Keynes International Festival 2012 as part of the La Compagnie Carabosse: Fire Gardens show in Campbell Park from the 20th to the 22nd of July. He is amazing! I have some videos, unfortunately the quality isn't so great, and the videos aren't very long. I can upload them onto youtube!
    Everyone should hear him. Hopefully he'll decide to get his own album out. :o)

    - Charlotte

    27 Jul 2012
  • Tried searching all over for the mystical 'La Rose' but had no luck. If anyone is interested 'Desiderii Marginis' produce some excellent atmospheric music, worth a listen. Have quite a few albums along these lines if anyone wants any others.

    - Steve

    14 Dec 2011

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